On Ancient Earth: Artists Expedition Society and Lumen Group London

by lumilyon

“A leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars” Song Of Myself, Walt Whitman

Tornare Alla Luce (Return To Light) 2016 – 2018

Last Thursday, 1st October, I took part in a live Zoom presentation during which I shared some of the projects I made in Italy between 2015 and 2018, responding to spiritual interpretations of transformative relationships between matter and light. Referencing the pioneering work of Scottish Scientist Mary Somerville (an early exponent of the Anthotype process) and Mary Quinlan-McGrath’s Influences: Art, Optics and Astrology in the Italian Renaissance (2014), I described some of the performative elements of my creative practice, the Freelensing and light manipulation techniques I employ, and my interest in the Anthotype process as metaphor. I also talked about perceptions of starlight and sunlight, the imaginative roles of light and absence of light in death and mourning rituals and the potential for light photons to create an Anthotype exposure in underground settings.

The event was part of an online conference series accompanying On Ancient Earth, an exhibition about our relationship with the night sky, organised and curated by the Artist Expedition Society of Alice Springs, Australia and Lumen London. More information may be found HERE