Exhibition News: EXPERIMENTAL, Kensington and Chelsea Art Week

by lumilyon

“These are her things,’ he was saying.”These are her things! She touched these things, she chose and bought them one by one, she arranged them lovingly and she thought they were beautiful. Oh my mother, my poor foolish little mother!’ The tears were streaming down his face. — The Book of Ebenezer le Page by G.B. Edwards.

My Anthotype series GRAVE GOODS, begun during COVID-19 isolation, recently won the Hundred Heroines EXPERIMENTAL open call. Photographs depicting some of the work in progress and prints are being exhibited at The Exhibitionist Hotel, Kensington, during Kensington and Chelsea Art Week, alongside experimental photography Doyenne Ellen Carey’s struck by Light. In response to COVID restrictions, the exhibition has been designed in poster form so that it can be easily sent for exhibition In other venues. For more information contact hello@hundredheroines.org

Grave Goods (2020)