Snowdrop Time At Painswick

by lumilyon

Each year, during Late January and February, hundreds of people visit Painswick to enjoy the magnificent swathes of Snowdrops for which the Rococo Garden is famous. I began my residency here last April, so I’ve had to wait for nine months before I could begin to explore the potential of Snowdrop leaf Anthotypes. Today I began my experiments and am delighted to write that my colour swatches show great promise.
When crushed, the leaves emit a delightfully fresh scent that reminds me of pea pods. As I’d collected them
In the rain, I didn’t add water for these first samples. The dye is a pretty Spring green of good opacity. One coat may well be enough.

Later this week, I’ll be back in the garden to coat some papers with delicious Snowdrop dye, but I must be patient for a few months more because it will be late March before conditions are right to begin my first exposures.

A couple of weeks ago, I was paid a visit by Garden designer and writer Non Morris. She has written a beautiful blog post about her Winter trip to Gloucestershire. It can be found here.