Publication News: European Photography

by lumilyon

copyright Nettie Edwards @lumilyon 2014

copyright Nettie Edwards @lumilyon 2014

Two images from my series In A Country Churchyard, featuring the beautiful church of Painswick St Mary’s, Gloucestershire, have been published in the Fall/Winter edition of European Photography: an independent Arts magazine for contemporary and new media, published in Germany.  This latest  edition (number 94) explores the current trend for Retro-Photography, which editor Andreas Muller-Pohle describes as creative remembering:

The revival of past forms in the light of the present, the re-interpretation of the old – this is what differentiates retro from nostalgia and regression. Retro is thus a form of recycling, as well as a cultural strategy, which, in the context of contemporary waste culture, is indispensible.