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Month: January, 2014

Publication News: European Photography

copyright Nettie Edwards @lumilyon 2014

copyright Nettie Edwards @lumilyon 2014

Two images from my series In A Country Churchyard, featuring the beautiful church of Painswick St Mary’s, Gloucestershire, have been published in the Fall/Winter edition of European Photography: an independent Arts magazine for contemporary and new media, published in Germany.¬† This latest¬† edition (number 94) explores the current trend for Retro-Photography, which editor Andreas Muller-Pohle describes as creative remembering:

The revival of past forms in the light of the present, the re-interpretation of the old – this is what differentiates retro from nostalgia and regression. Retro is thus a form of recycling, as well as a cultural strategy, which, in the context of contemporary waste culture, is indispensible.

At A Country Bus Stop

Untitled bus stop photograph by Lumilyon
Untitled bus stop photograph, a photo by Lumilyon on Flickr.

Lacock, Wilshire

iPhone Collage Experiments with glass Negatives

My Grandmother, Myself by Lumilyon
My Grandmother, Myself, a photo by Lumilyon on Flickr.

I’m currently working with sets of glass plate negatives. This iPhone collage was created with the Blender app from a glass negative purchased in a Paris brocante. The box is labeled: Plaques du Dr D.V. Monckhoven and probably dates from 1905-1910. I love discovering people and stories hidden away for decades, as the images on the plates emerge from negative to positive.

Fossil Fern

Fossil Fern by Lumilyon
Fossil Fern, a photo by Lumilyon on Flickr.

Grande Galerie de l’Evolution, Jardin Des Plantes, Paris
November 2013

The Last New Dawn of October

The Last New Dawn of October by Lumilyon
The Last New Dawn of October, a photo by Lumilyon on Flickr.
The Last New Dawn of October 02